What type of song will sounds from all over the UK create?

Full release of the track 24th September 2020!



Hi, I’m Paul Cheese 

On May 26th 2019, I set out to discover what the UK sounds like.

I cycled almost 5000 miles – to every region of the UK to capture the sounds of people and places. In addition, I asked people to send me sounds from their lives.

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The cycle took me a little longer than I had planned, but I met so many people with so many great suggestions for locations to record that more than a few detours were made:)


What an experience. It’s a cliché, but it was such a pleasure to meet so many brilliant and different people and places along the way. Thank you.


Since I’ve been back, I’ve listened to 1000s and 1000s of sounds that I recorded and orchestrated them into a piece of music  - the sounds of the people, the friendliness, the sound of the elements interacting with the architecture and nature, the activities or everyday life - the sounds of people's workplaces and tools, hobbies, art and the different rhythms of different materials, the echoes bouncing off concrete, or through tunnels – all combined to create a unique reflection of The Sound of the UK, 2019.


Here are just some of the sounds used in the track…

The tempo of the middle of the TheBigRecordUK track is set by the speed of a man with a 2 piece metal walking stick recorded in Cambridge.

Rhythms on this section come from Sharons Chip shop chip scoop and bag shake in Dorset, Kingsley road sweeping in London, Toms art graffiti spray can in Bristol, a Zumba class in Kent, Rufus raking leaves in Devon, skateboarders in Suffolk and Newcastle, the slam of the Bronte sisters front door in West Yorkshire, a builder filing metal in a doorway in Hull, Max cleaning a large plant pot outside a pub in Cumbria, the rhythm of the old control levers in a train signal box at Instow/Barnstaple, the stamp in a long tunnel in Glasgow, Simian bouncing a basketball in Birkby near Huddersfield, Horses hooves on the North Yorkshire moors and Newmarket, A nail gun near Mossley, Manchester, The clack of the Tor point chain link ferry in Plymouth, the sound of the choir in Tewksbury Abbey a church choir Omagh, Northern Ireland.

The breathing of the the shingle on Brighton seafront, the waves on steps in Rhyll, north Wales and footsteps on the North coast of Guernsey. The Buttercross Morris in the centre of Leeds.


The high instrument melody was created from sounds merging in the Kelham Island museum in Sheffield , Building site drilling in Leicester and Crawley, mowers and strimmers from Norfolk, Essex, Cumbria, Gloucester, a barbers razor in Kirkwall, Orkney and notes extracted from the layers of sound as they merge together.


The bass is made from:

A helicopter from Shropshire, The hum of the Scrabster to Orkney ferry, a diesel pumping engine from the Highlands, a recycle factory in Northumberland, the transporter bridge in Middlesborough and 12 Electric substations from across the UK, one of which was recorded underwater in Cumbria.

Here is what I did, I put my speakers in a waterproof bag, put a microphone in waterproof bag, then submerged them both underwater in a lake Bassenthwaite, I then played the sound of an electric substation back through the speakers, then I recorded the sound it made, yep, underwater) 

Yep, I plunged the largest electrical substation I heard into a lake in the lake district and recorded the sound it made. 


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