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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Please ensure you have read the full Terms & Conditions below before you submit your audio or video file.

All contributions will be checked and may be used by Paul Cheese and TheBigRecord on air and on digital platforms. 

By submitting a recording to TheBigRecord using the uploader tool or other you agree to all the terms listed below:

-For the purposes of TheBigRecord you will assign all copyright in your recordings to Paul Cheese and TheBigRecord (see the further specific terms below).

How Paul Cheese and TheBigRecord will use your recording

It is our intention that TheBigRecord:UK music track will be created by October 2023.. We very much hope to use your contributions, but we cannot guarantee to do so.

Rights in your contributions

By uploading your audio or video, you agree to the following terms:

-You assign to Paul Cheese and TheBigRecord the copyright and all other rights in your contributions for use in all media now known or which may be developed in future and you confirm that your contributions will not infringe the copyright, or similar rights, of any third party.

-In the light of the need of audio and audiovisual production for flexibility, you agree that the Paul Cheese and TheBigRecord may edit, adapt, or translate your contributions and you waive irrevocably any “moral rights” you may have in them. Paul Cheese and TheBigRecord may also edit your contribution for legal reasons. 

-If you upload video, you agree that this may be used to create visual content for TheBigRecord and Paul Cheese. One example of this would be the final music track video. You consent to Paul Cheese and TheBigRecord using all or part of your contribution in all media and markets throughout the world.

-You agree that your contributions will not bring the Paul Cheese and TheBigRecord into disrepute or be defamatory

-If you are under the age of 16 you must not upload any recordings - a guardian, family member, teacher or carer must upload on behalf of anyone under 16.

Your personal data

In addition to the recordings, Paul Cheese and TheBigRecord needs your name and contact details. Your name may be used in conjunction with Paul Cheese and TheBigRecord in media and markets. Your contact details will be used only by staff working on TheBigRecord to contact you about your contribution. Your personal data will be held securely by Paul Cheese and TheBigRecord in line with the Data Protection Act 1998. 

How the British Library may use your recording

Recording and collecting audio histories are integral to the British Library’s mission to preserve the nation's memory. A version of the recording you upload may, as part of the final music track created for TheBigRecord, be deposited with the British Library.

The British Library may decide to archive this recording (in perpetuity) as part of its history collection. These will be accessible as a public reference resource to British Library users both onsite and via the internet for research, educational and non-commercial use. Some recordings may not be deposited, for legal or quality reasons.

What we will and won’t do with your contribution:

We may:

Use, host or store it 
Copy, change or translate it, or make things inspired by it
Use it with our tools for making creations or remixing content

These might include:

·      Put your creations on display to inspire other people.

·      Invite others to use your creation to make their own creation

Moderate it

Which means we can review, edit, remove or decide not to display it. And, if it breaks any laws, we can refer it to the police and other authorities.

And we can use your creations:

·      Anywhere in the world

·      In any medium (for example TV, the internet, radio)

·      For as long as we want 

And anyone we work with can do those things too. For example, if you send an audio sample, we could share that as part of a news item featuring that audio with a broadcaster, who’d then be able to do all the things above. And they could also charge their users to see it.

Some other things we will and won’t do:

·      We may let other people use your creation. And sometimes we might let them edit it or make things inspired by it.

·      We won’t pay you for it.

·      We hope to use it. But we can’t guarantee it.

·      We might contact you to check you’ve got permission to use any music, images, clips or text in whatever you post.

There might be other terms

Sometimes uploading a creation to our services means using a tool provided by someone other than Paul Cheese or TheBigRecord. For example you can use WhatsApp to share your stories.

Sometimes the provider’s terms and conditions apply to using their tool. Do read their terms (which you can search for online) as they tell you what the provider can do with your creation when you use their tool.

A note about your “Moral Rights”

When you upload something, you give up your moral rights to it. That means we can use it without identifying you as the creator

We can also edit or change it without your permission. And you won’t have the right to say we’ve treated it in a “derogatory” way.

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